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Walex Porta-Pak Drop Ins 10PK


Walex Porta-Pak Drop Ins 10PK

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Porta-Pak, 10/bag RV holding tank deodorizer is powerful and easy to use. Just drop a single Porta-Pak into the camper holding tank and add water. The RV industry's most powerful portion control system in one convenient package. 1 pack controls odor and treats waste in camper holding tank up to 40 gallon capacity. Continued use will keep your RV holding tank odor-free and your sensors clean and operational. Powered by WAVE 2 Technology for long-term odor control Quick dispersion in holding tank Lubricates Valves and Seals Commercial Strength Will Not Clog pipes, pumps, or valves EVERBLUE™ color -- non-greening & non-staining Formaldehyde-free No skin contact when handling Long shelf life Porta-Pak RV holding tank deodorizer, 10/bag, means never handling a messy liquid again! Just drop in your RV toilet and the pre-packaged portion controls odor while breaking down waste and paper. Comes in a convenient zipper bag for easy storage. Formaldehyde free. Fresh Scent.

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