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Ultra-Fab King Pin TriPod Stabilizer 94-3886

$274.99 $227.37

Ultra-Fab King Pin TriPod Stabilizer 94-3886. This tripod greatly stabilizes your 5th wheel rig along with the X chalks you've got a rock solid rig, and it is light weight and built to do the job.

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Now you can stabilize even the heaviest 5th wheel for full front-to-back and side-to-side motion. Once in place, it's rock solid! The aluminum Kingpin Tripod is light weight for easy use and sets up in less than a minute. It features an adjustable threaded hitch cup for quick and effortless fine tune adjustment. Plus, the tripod's base footpads are a full 5 Inch x 5-1/2 Inch to combat sinking and tilting. It even comes complete with a padlock to protect against theft.

Travel Length : 42 To 56 Inch

Weight Capacity : 1200 Pound
Used For : Stabilize Heaviest Fifth Wheel Trailer While Parked
Color : Silver
Material : Aluminum
Quantity : Single

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