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Thin-Lite 18-0826 (DIST-LED656P) 72 Led Elegant Ceiling Light

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72 LED Dimming Ceiling Fixture is 22.65" in length X 1.56" wide will highly enhance your interior lighting with the option of dimming to the brightness you desire.

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Interior Light - LED; Interior Light- LED; 72 LED Panel; 22.652 Inch Length x 7.30 Inch Width x 1.56 Inch Height; 14.4 Watts/ 12 Volt DC; With Switch/ Ballast Thin-Lite's LED Elegant surface mount fixtures provide efficient lighting for elegant interiors. They are easy to install in ceilings and under cabinets. They provide the "custom made" look. Equipped with Non-yellowing diffuser lens. One Touch switch with unlimited dimming levels, LED life of 100,000 Hours and wide voltage range input of 8 To 30 Volt DC are standard features for all the models. Type : 72 LED Panel Size : 22.652 Inch Length X 7.30 Inch Width X 1.56 Inch Power Supply : 14.4 Watts/ 12 Volts DC Clearance : 0 Features Provides Efficient Lighting For Elegant Interiors Provides The Custom Made Look One Touch Switch With Unlimited Dimming Levels Easy To Install In Ceilings And Under Cabinets Limited 3 Year Warranty

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