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Thetford ) Sewer Hose KIt 15 Ft 1 4-1725 (17853


Thetford ) Sewer Hose KIt 15 Ft 1 4-1725 (17853

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Thetford Titan’s Proprietary TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) properties provide the highest degree of puncture and abrasion resistance, along with excelling in extreme temperatures. Titan stands for the toughest, longest-lasting, best-value sewer hose on the market, delivering everything your customers are looking for — and the energized sales you want. Extended Length: 15 Feet Color: Black/ Green Material: Thermal Plastic Elastomer With Fitting: Yes With Bayonet Cap: Yes Features Uncrushable: Rugged TPE(Thermal Plastic Elastomer) Hose Prevents Leaks Easy Align: Revolve™ Universal Sewer Adapter With Handle Ergonomic: ExtendGrip™ Fitting Secure End Caps: Eliminate Dripping During Storage Highest Degree Of Puncture And Abrasion Resistance Tough, Long-Lasting And Best-Value Limited 90 Day Warranty

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