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Swagman 16-0380 (80600) 4 Bike Rack Bumper Mount

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This 4 Bike rack is RV bumper mounted a d will hold 4 bikes. It is powder coated to protect the product and lasting good appearance.

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Bike Rack - Bumper Mount; RV 4; Holds 4 Bikes With 2" Wide Tires; Mounts to 4 Inch to 4-1/2 Inch Continuous Bumper; 60 Pound Weight Capacity; 34 Inch Length X 20 Inch Width; Powder Coat; Black; Steel Swagman bike racks can be found in many RV dealership across North America. We offer a multitude of rack choices and we also have bike covers. Compatibility : 4 Inch To 4-1/2 Inch Continuous Bumper Hold Capacity : Holds 4 Bikes Weight Capacity (LB) : 60 Pounds Length (IN) : 34 Inch Width (IN) : 20 Inch Finish : Powder Coated Color : Black Material : Steel Features Transports Up To 4 Bikes Heavy Duty Steel Construction Built For 4 To 4.5 Inch Continuous Welded Steel Bumper Simple And Easy To Attach And Use Limited Lifetime Warranty

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