Spare Tire Carrier Under RV.BAL RV Products/ Adnik 92-0153 (28218B)


Spare Tire Carrier Under RV.BAL RV Products/ Adnik 92-0153 (28218B)

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• Spare Tire Carrier; Hide-A-Spare; I-Beam Underslung Mount Beneath The Trailer; 70 To 75 Inch Frame Width; Black; Direct Fit; With Underbelly Enclosure. Rear bumper spare tire mounts are cumbersome and ugly and they make it difficult to install bike racks and cargo trays. Plus they add weight and length to your travel trailer. BAL now offers the 'Hide-A-Spare' Tire Storage System that allows you to mount the bulky tire beneath your trailer and out of the way. This system is very easy to mount and if you ever require access to the spare tire, simple to remove. With three models to fit every type of trailer frame, installation is quick and simple. Self tapper screws mount the two plates to the frame and the knob and pin are removed to lower the 'Hide-a-Spare' to the ground. It then telescopes out for easier access to the spare tire. Tire Mount Location : I-Beam Underslung Mount Beneath The Trailer Color : Black Features Allows You To Mount The Bulky Tire Beneath Your Trailer And Out Of The Way System Is Very Easy To Mount And If You Ever Require Access To The Spare Tire, Simple To Remove Installation Is Quick And Simple Limited Lifetime Warranty

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