Roadmaster Inc 61-0048 (9530 Brake Monitoring System

$251.09 $171.33

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Towed Vehicle Brake Control Installation Kit; Works With Any System That Depresses The Brake Pedal; 12 Volt Truly universal and works with all braking systems that depress the brake pedal. Exceptional range and reliability for line-of-sight transmission confirmed to 1,000 feet; proprietary send or repeat circuitry confirms each signal at 100 percent reception. Protects the towed vehicles brakes and reports any braking activity to the motorhome monitor. Compatibility : Braking Systems That Depress The Brake Pedal With Breakaway Cable : Yes Clearance : 0 Features Exceptional Range And Reliability For Line-Of-Sight Transmission Protects The Towed Vehicles Brakes And Reports Any Braking Activity To The Motorhome Monitor Simply Plug The Motorhome Monitor Into Any 12-Volt Outlet 30-Minute Installation Limited 90 Day Warranty

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