Roadmaster Inc 03-0625 (9332) Power Cord Adapter


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• Power Cord Adapter; For Providing Power To Roadmaster Even Brake And Part Number 9700; Socket Type; 12 Volt Outlet; Non Locking; Not Waterproof; Without Lighted; Without Handle Even Brake and the portable braking system are powered through the towed vehicle's 12 Volt outlet, with the ignition key turned to the "tow" position. If your vehicle has no power to the outlet with the key in this position, use this kit. The 12 Volt outlet kit can also be used to bypass a corroded or otherwise damaged 12 Volt outlet socket, or to replace an outlet with insufficient amperage. End Rating Female : 20 Amp End Type Female : Socket End Rating Male : 30 Amp NEMA Standard Male : LL85694 Length : 5 Feet With Locking Ring : No With Plug Head Handle : No Jacket Color : Black Jacket Material : Rubber Waterproof : No With Lighted End : No Clearance : 0 Features Even Brake And The Portable Braking System Are Powered Through The Towed Vehicle's 12 Volt Outlet, With The Ignition Key Turned To The "Tow" Position Used To Bypass A Corroded Or Otherwise Damaged 12 Volt Outlet Socket, Or To Replace An Outlet With Insufficient Amperage

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