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PullRite Heavy Duty SuperGlide 24K 5TH Wheel Hitch Mdl 2300 14-0530

$2,073.19 $1,733.61

PullRite Heavy Duty SuperGlide 24K 5TH Wheel Hitch Mdl 2300 14-0530 With this super glide hitch as with the other models has the same ability of making 90 degree turns, as well as 180 deg u turns without having to get out of your truck to pull a lever to make a sharp turn and then return the lever again when your turn is completed. This hitch is totally automatic. 

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Do you have a Reese, Husky, or other manufacturer rail kit and hitch combo in your truck, but you want to upgrade to a PullRite auto slider hitch? The PullRite Industry Standard Hitch was made for you! Industry standard hitches allow you to use the rail kit you already have, allowing you to drop in the new hitch so you can be on your way! The PullRite Heavy Duty Industry Standard SuperGlide is the biggest and baddest auto slider 5th wheel hitch on the market. Rated at 24k this hitch was made to tow the heaviest trailers with gross weights (GVWR) up to 24,000. **NOTE: If you want a true 24K rating you MUST use one of PullRite's Heavy Duty rail kits. If not, actual tow capacity will be equal to the lowest rated component in the system.** Featuring 18” of automatic slide, sitting 16" inches tall – the dual pivoting hitch plate slides as you turn. Easy – no jumping out of your truck to activate the slide mechanism. The PullRite 24k Industry Standard SuperGlide is fully automatic – you turn – it turns. No worries! Proudly manufactured in the USA!

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