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PullRite 18K Super Glide 5TH Wheel Hitch 14-3306

$1,750.99 $1,361.91

PullRite 18K Super Glide Model 2900 5TH Wheel Hitch 94-6341 The best auto glide 5th wheel hitch made. It takes the worry out of maneuvering in tight places because the hitch automatically moves the trailer back 14" during the turn, so if your truck can make a u turn in the space you will be able to u turn your rig without a problem.

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Your first camping trip with the new 5th wheel is so exciting. The whole family can't wait to go camping, but the loading of the hitch, stopping to switch the lever so you can activate the slider can be troublesome. Is it time to upgrade? Save yourself from a costly installation and look at the PullRite 18k Industry Standard SuperGlide Hitch. You can use your existing rail kit from the other guys! PullRite Industry Standard 18K SuperGlide hitches are perfect for 5th wheel owners who want an auto slider for their short bed truck. The Industry Standard SuperGlide 18k adds 14" of slide thanks to the patented way tubes that allow the cam to glide as you turn corners or back-up your 5th wheel. The Industry Standard SuperGlide was made to work with all manufacturer rail kits, but if you are looking at a PullRite Industry Standard Hitch for a new install PullRite has made rail and bracket kits that will fit their industry standard kits (Bracket kits sold separately). PullRite has universal, custom, even SuperRail bracket kits that you can take out of the bed of your truck leaving you a smooth truck bed!

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Weight 183 lbs
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