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Propane Tank Cover; For Dual 20 or 30 Camco 06-0631 (40542)


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Heavy duty polyethylene covers protect propane gas bottles from flying debris while streamlining the look of your rig. Slip the custom molded, assembled unit over bottles for a safe, secure fit and UV protection against sun damage. Updated design provides easier access to gas valves. Patented. Catalog Page: NTP - 05-5 Compatibility : Dual 20 And 30 Pound Tanks Protection : Flying Debris And UV Rays Opening Type : Gas Valve Through Lid Top Color : Polar White Material : Polyethylene Quantity : Single Features Heavy Duty Polyethylene Covers Protect Propane Gas Bottles From Flying Debris While Streamlining The Look Of Your Rig Slip The Custom Molded, Assembled Unit Over Bottles For A Safe, Secure Fit And UV Protection Against Sun Damage Updated Design Provides Easier Access To Gas Valves Limited 90 Day Warranty

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