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LP Gas Model 250 Quick Disconnect


LP Gas Model 250 Quick Disconnect

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LP Gas Model 250 Quick Disconnect Used for connecting low pressure low BTU outdoor cooking appliances via quick connect. Commonly used with BBQ Grills RV’s & Brooder Heaters. DETAILS: Description: 1/4" Low Pressure Ball Valve Quick Disconnect x 1/4" FNPT Compatible Plugs: MB Sturgis Part Numbers 401132 & 401148 Max. Flow Capacity: 14000 BTU P/HR Natural Gas (40K LP) at 1/2" PSIG Working Pressure Pressure Rating: 1/2 PSIG Temperature Range: -40ºF to 350ºF (-40ºC to 177ºC) Certification: ANSI Z21.41 (CSA) Used for LP or Natural Gas

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