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Husky Towing 14-1253 (34715) Anti Sway Kit


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• Weight Distribution Hitch Sway Control Kit; Right Hand; Includes Side Bar/ handle/ Tongue Ball Plate/ Sway Control Ball/ Hardware  Husky’s sway control kits and replacement parts help you set up sway control to diminish lateral trailer movement in windy conditions and passing vehicles. You can select from a complete left or right kit (we recommend using both right-hand and left-hand sway controls) or you can build your own kit and/or select replacement parts for your current setup. Our selection of parts gives you options for mounting plates and brackets. Compatibility : RV Trailer Hitches Type : Add-On Includes Sway Control Arm : Yes Includes Ball : Yes Includes Ball Plate : Yes Includes Hardware : Yes Features Dual Friction Brake Pad System Provides Constant And Adjustable Sway Reduction Diminishes Sway From Windy Conditions And Passing Vehicles Secures With Socket And Spring Clip Connectors Detaches Quickly For Storage Easy To Install Limited 1 Year Warranty

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