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Heng's Industries 22-0442 Forward/Reverse Exhaust Fan (SOLD OUT)

$287.59 $233.54

Hengs powered roof vent 12 volt 3 spd. exhaust, 2 spd.  with reverse, fits standard 14X14" opening and gives you exhausting as well as pulling in fresh air while in reverse.

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Let the fresh air back into your RV with the Heng's SV0112-G4 Zephyr Hi-Performance Powered Roof Vent - Clear! This powered RV vent fan features reversible air flow, brings the fresh air in, and pushing the hot, stale air back out.

  • 12 volt, 3 speed fan.
  • 3 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds.
  • Reversible air flow brings the fresh air in while sucking the stale air out.
    • Provides fresh air in your RV on hot days!
  • High: 920 cu ft./min. airflow.
  • Med: 653 cu ft./min. airflow.
  • Low: 478 cu ft./min. airflow.
  • Has a weather tight seal when closed.
  • Clear color vent lid.
  • Dimensions: 14" x 14".
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Limited 90 day warranty.
  • Includes: screen, lid and 5" garnish for perfect fit.
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