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Hayes Brake Controller 64-9110 (81775UPG) Electronic Sway Control


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Electronic Trailer Sway Control; Sway Master; Fits Trailers With 1 To 4 Axles; Electronic; Plug And Play Harness; With GPS Tracking; With Status Light; Water Resistant; With 5 Inch Male Pigtails The Sway Master trailer sway prevention system is state-of-the-art technology that can keep you and your family safe during long towing road trips this summer. This system activates upon immediate detection of sway, providing simultaneous braking to all trailer brakes on one to four axle trailers. Additionally, it utilizes solid state gyroscope to detect any potential swaying issues, as well as GPS to determine the accurate speed of the trailer itself. Compatibility : Trailers With 1 To 4 Axles Connection Type : Plug And Play Harness Water Resistant : Yes With GPS Tracking : Yes With Pigtails : Yes With Status Light : Yes Features Status Light To Conform Connection, Readiness, And That The Device Is Currently Working While Driving Product Enclosed In Tough Water-Resistant Molded Housing With Electronics Conformal Coated For Extra Protection And Durability Equipped With 5 Foot Male Pigtails For Easy Positioning Of The Device Plug And Play Design (No Set Up Required!) Easy Installation With Simple S

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