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Flow-Rite 19-0700 (MP-2000) Battery Watering System

$84.49 $68.75

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Battery Filler; Qwik-Fill (TM); Use To Fill Battery Cells With Water; Fits 12 Volt Marine Deep Cycle Batteries Group 24 To 31; Bulb Type; Fills 2 Batteries From A Single Remote Location With Simple Hand Pump Operation; With Four Manifolds/ 4 Foot Tubing/ Quick Connect/ Dust Cap One of the primary causes of short battery life is a failure to maintain proper water level. Whether your batteries are in plain sight or hard to reach, adding water to the proper level couldn't be easier with the Qwik-Fill On-board Battery Watering System from Flow-Rite. Compatibility : Fill Battery Cells With Water Type : Bulb Color : Black Is Clearance Item : No Features On-Board Battery Watering System Works With Group Size 24 Through 27 And Most 29 Through 31, 12 Volt Marine Deep Cycle Batteries Limited 3 Year Warranty

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