Faulkner Malibu Style Blue Padded Recliner with Plastic Armrests 48964


Faulkner Malibu Style Blue Padded Standard Size Recliner with Plastic Armrests 48964

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Faulkner Outdoor Recliners. Enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style while relaxing in a Faulkner recliner. Our recliners feature a unique high-tension elastic cord system that provides flexible support, ergonomically contoured armrests that follow every move of the seat and an easy-to-use lever lock system lets you select your favorite reclining position. The sturdy, powder-coated steel frame is lightweight and folds compactly for storage or travel. The Faulkner Malibu style recliner has one inch of high-density foam covered in poly/cotton fabric and contoured armrests. The removable headrest can be used as additional support. Faulkner Recliners are an affordable, easy-to-carry, easy-to-store line of fashionable comfort.

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