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Extenable Flow Through Handle Mr Longarm 38-4008 (8508) Free Shipping


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Extendable Flow Through Handle Mr Longarm 38-4008 (8508). This extension pole from 4' to 8' plus your height, and reach, get you to the top of your RV making it easy to wash even the tallest rig.

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Extension Handle; HYDRASOAR(R); Used With Standard Garden Hose/ Flow-Thru Cleaning Brushes; Extendable; 4 To 8 Foot Length; Anodized Aluminum.
The patented HydraSoar water-fed telescoping extension pole features an insulated foam cover along the entire length of the body. The slider tube is anodized which prevents rusting, and the threaded end is made of durable nylar plastic. The external chuck and collet locking mechanism will secure the slider tube at any desired length. The handle is designed to attach to a standard garden hose. The flow control shut-off valve allows you to regulate and control the water flow, which is important especially in areas that are susceptible to drought conditions.
Length : 4 To 8 Feet

Compatibility : Standard Garden Hose/ Flow-Thru Cleaning Brushes
Type : Extendable
Finish : Anodized
Color : Blue
Material : Aluminum

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