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Dometic LW3000 Generator


Dometic LW3000 Generator

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Dometic has the perfect answer for all your power needs at home, at the beach, work — anywhere. The LW3000 Plus is a reliable, energy-efficient Digital Inverter gasoline generator capable of electrifying all your power needs and more. LW3000 Plus is a digital inverter/generator that is lightweight, fuel efficient and able to deliver reliable power for extended periods. Consistent power load means you can use sensitive computer equipment with total peace of mind. Perfect for printers, computers, audio equipment and telephone. With a clean, stable power for all home or work applications, the LW3000 Plus easily powers a 13,500 BTU air conditioner Lightweight 24 percent lighter than comparable models Quiet (71-74 dB), air cooled four-stroke engine Energy efficient 15.4 percent more fuel capacity Smart Throttle minimizes fuel consumption Electric start is standard Long run time up to 10 hours, depending upon the load Two AC and one DC outlets DC circuit breaker Overload indicator (red) Output indicator (green) Engine alert oil system Dometic's 1-Year Protection Plus Warranty Inverter technology Dometic’s state-of-the-art portable generator know-how moves energy production to a new level with Digital Inverter technology. Our unit is smaller, lighter and more energy efficient thanks to advanced technology. The LW3000 Plus automatically adjusts engine power to run at the required RPM to power load needs. The unit quietly meets your energy requirements while saving on fuel. These units are special order units and may take a 5 days to receive.

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