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CURT 72-7596 Trailer Brake Control; Echo (TM


Blue Tooth Wireless Towing Connector

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The Echo™ brake control is truly a brake control for the modern age. It plugs into your vehicle and wirelessly connects to your smartphone, allowing you to control and monitor all trailer brake activity right from your own device. It is featured with a customizable app for Apple or Android phones, a portable design to easily switch between vehicle-trailer combinations and a durable, weather-resistant construction. The Echo™ brake control has one of the easiest installations in the industry. It simply plugs into the standard 7-way RV blade socket at the rear of your vehicle and provides a socket to plug in the trailer harness. It Ts into the connection, going between the vehicle and trailer plugs, and it is completely non-invasive. It also features automatic calibration to help eliminate setup requirements. The Echo™ trailer brake controller comes with a custom-designed app that can be downloaded for iOS or Android OS phones. With this app, the wireless brake control is able to connect to your smartphone and display brake control settings and activity. It also sends you status updates and allows you to receive incoming calls while the app is running. With its compact design and simple, plug-and-play installation, the Echo™ is extremely portable. You can easily transfer it between vehicles and use it with multiple trailers, as long as the vehicle and trailer have a 7-way RV blade connector. The Echo™ app allows you to store multiple vehicle-trailer profiles, making ideal for commercial fleets. Because the Echo™ trailer brake controller is made to be outside the vehicle, we engineered it for maximum weather resistance. Smart Technology Compatible : Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Brake Systems Type : 2 to 4 Trailer Brake Features Wireless, Portable Design Allows For Easy Transfer From One Vehicle To Another Bluetooth Connection To Control All Brake Settings From Your Smartphone; Stores Multiple User And Vehicle-Trailer Profiles Custom-Designed App Monitors Brake Activity And Sends Status Updates; Triple-Axis, Motion-Sensing Accelerometer For Highly Responsive, Smooth Stops Multi-Color LED Indicates Power, Trailer Detection And Wireless Connectivity Potted Enclosure Seals Off Electronics From The Elements For Lasting Durability; Soft Locking Tab Reduces Vibration And Improves Connection Automatic Calibration Reduces Setup Requirements; Downloadable App Available For Apple IOS And Android OS Allows Incoming Calls To Be Received While App Is Running; Built-In Reverse-Polarity And Short-Circuit Protection Compatible With Low-Voltage Systems, PWM Systems, ABS And Cruise Control; Built-In Reverse-Polarity And Short-Circuit Protection Non-Invasive, Plug-And-Play Install Between Vehicle-Trailer 7-Way Connectors Limited Lifetime Warranty

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