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Coleman 15000 BTU RV Air Conditioner Black Without Heat Pump 08-0054

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Coleman 15000 BTU RV Air Conditioner Top unit only. This is  one of the largest units available for RV use, it has 1/3hp fan motor delivering 325 cfm of cooling air to your Rig

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Want to take cooling power to the max? The Mach 15™ is the world's most powerful RV air conditioner with the highest cooling output you can buy, and has an airflow so strong, it's a sure bet for ducted systems. The Mach 15™ is equipped with a 1/3 hp fan motor, the largest used in an RV air conditioner, delivering cool air at an incredible 325 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The Mach 15. features the same streamlined shape that enhances the style and operational efficiency of every model in the line of Coleman®-Mach® RV air conditioners. High-efficiency fan motor is mounted directly to the bulkhead to fix the angle of the blowerwheel and keep it turning freely. A specially designed blower wheel moves more air yet requires less power to do it. Oversized coils have raised lance fins to create an enlarged surface area. The larger the surface area, the more capacity the coils have to transfer heat out of he air in your RV 100% copper tubing is very durable and has A rifled interior wall. The rifling creates turbulence in the flow of coolant that expedites the removal of heat from he air. Start kit with start capacitors and PTCR device is standard equipment and makes starting easier under high temperature and humidity conditions. New high-efficiency compressor lowers amp draw while still offering a high capacity for cold air production. Optional Heater Assembly can be added to provide a source of warm air. Plastic drain pan eliminates corrosion. Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel truss head screws secure the shroud. This unit is a replacement for the following models: 8335D8794, 48204A869, 48204B869, 48204C869, 48254-879, 48254A869, 48254A879, 48254B869, 48254B879, 48254C869, 48254C879, 48254C969, 48264-879, 48264A879, 48264B879, 48264C879, 48264C969, 7335-699, 8335D779, 48254C969, 8335D869, 8335A889, 48204A879

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