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Blue Ox Sway Pro™ Hitch With Shank, 1000 lb.


Blue Ox Sway Pro™ Hitch With Shank, 1000 lb.

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Blue Ox Sway Pro Weight Distritbution Hitch utilizes the latest in weight distributing technology to be the most user-friendly hitches on the market today. Sway Pro™ eliminates trailer sway under heavy loads, high winds, and rutted roads utilizing 2 sway control loops and 2 points of friction - just set the amount of control you require for your individual cargo or driving conditions. With just one look at the Sway Pro™, you can see the Blue Ox® commitment to quality and durability. •Built-in sway control. •Easy set up and adjustment of weight distribution. •Spring bars snap into the head sockets. They cannot fall out. •Head angle adjusts with a thumbscrew. No washers to deal with. •Automatic locking snap up bracket. Secures into place and releases with the simple push of a lock pin. No pins or clips to lose!

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