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Bigfoot Ford E-350 Platinum Leveling System


Bigfoot Ford E-350 Platinum Leveling System one button touch for complete leveling, touch the button and finish you set while your leveling is being done.

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  • Simple, one touch operation for fully automatic leveling of the vehicle or trailer.
  • Individual power units at each corner, which means nearly 4x the pump life compared to ordinary central pump systems due to each pump only running 25% of the time, less cycles = less wear & tear.
  • All-Up safety feature signals if one or more of the cylinders are not fully retracted before you drive off.
  • Manual adjustment feature that allows you to operate each cylinder individually.
  • Four powder coated cylinders made at our facility rated to lift 8,000 pounds per cylinder.
  • Four weatherproof hydraulic power units, each with an American made marine pump & motor wrapped in a steel housing, allows the unit to be mounted outside in the elements so it does not take up storage space.
  • 100 square inch "Bigfoot" pads for secure ground contact during operation.
  • All necessary components and hardware for a complete installation!
  • This system also works for older model Ford E-450 vehicles.
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