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Big Foot 5th QEFA-1630 Wheel Four Point Automatic Leveling System

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Big Foot 5th Wheel Four Point Automatic Leveling System, so simple, just push one button and your RV is being leveled while you are finishing setting up your rig. This is the finest and most durable system comparing to the electric systems, and single pump hydraulic systems. This system is a 4 pump and 4 cylinder system so each of these pumps work 1/4 the time of the single pump systems giving 4 times the life of a single pump system, making this system very reliable.


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  • Free Shipping
  • Simple, one touch operation for fully automatic leveling of the vehicle or trailer.
  • Auto-Reconnect feature stores the position of the trailer during the unhooking process for easy hook up later!
  • Wireless key fob for easy operation of the front jacks without leaving the cab of your truck!
  • Individual power units at each corner, which means nearly 4x the pump life compared to ordinary central pump systems due to each pump only running 25% of the time, less cycles = less wear & tear.
  • All-Up safety feature signals if one or more of the cylinders are not fully retracted before you drive off.
  • Manual adjustment feature that allows you to operate each cylinder individually.
  • Front two powder coated cylinders made at our facility capable of lifting 17,000 pounds each with 24" of stroke.
  • Rear two powder coated cylinders made at our facility capable of lifting 12,000 pounds each with 16" of stroke.
  • Four weatherproof hydraulic power units, each with an American made marine pump & motor wrapped in a steel housing, allows the unit to be mounted outside in the elements so it does not take up storage space.
  • 100 square inch "Bigfoot" pads for secure ground contact during operation.
  • All necessary components and hardware for a complete installation!​
  • Click Here For Pricing and Details.                 Free Shipping
  • MFG  Quadra Mfg   Mfg P/N QEFA-1630
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2 years Parts, 1 year Labor, cylinders carry a limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in America.

​*If your 5th wheel has a front generator or front generator box, the front of the trailer shell may have to be removed during installation process.  Quadra Manufacturing cannot 100% guarantee installations can be done on finished trailers due to limited access to frame and/or existing landing gear. 

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