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BDO PANEL BLACK/SILVER Battery Disconnect #01-00066-004


BDO PANEL BLACK/SILVER Battery Disconnect #01-00066-004

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Meet the remote battery disconnect that makes sure a RV’s batteries are alive, well and ready for the road.

Battery Disconnect is an easy-to-install system that will allow RV owners to disconnect coach and chassis batteries with just the touch of a switch. With Battery Disconnect , the owner can be sure the batteries are disconnected when his RV is not in use or being stored off-season. It is conveniently located inside the RV, and it’s all remote.

The heart of the Battery Disconnect system is another Intellitec invention. A latching relay, capable of carrying heavy coach currents, draws power only when switched on or off; yet, it requires no power to stay open or closed. This sturdy relay is sealed against the environment and is designed for the toughest use.

Unwanted battery drain during storage, or when the RV is not in use, is not the only customer benefit of Battery Disconnect . Batteries are protected from overcharging when the RV is plugged in for an extended time. Battery Disconnect also prevents shorts or fire hazard while working on the 12 Volt electrical system.

Easy Installation

Installation detail is straightforward, easy-to-follow, and is simple enough that your customers can install it themselves.


Intended for remote disconnect of a single battery. Requires a relay, 20′ of cable, and a monitor panel with ON/OFF indicator.

Relay Actuation Voltage
10.5 Volts minimum

Continuous carry current
100 Amps maximum

Short term carry current
500 Amps – 30 seconds maximum

Intended for remote disconnect of a single battery. Monitor panel on-off indicator Kit needs 11-00063-000 cable with end connectors and 01-00055-000 battery disconnect relay. 3″h x 5″w x 1″d

Warranty Terms: 1 Year

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