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BAL RV Products/ Adnik 94-1484 King Pin Stabilizer


BAL RV Products/ Adnik 94-1484 King Pin Stabilizer

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Product Infon Alternatesn BAL’s King Pin Stabilizing Jacks are designed to offer a more firm and stable camping experience by supporting the king pin hitch on a fifth wheel travel trailer. Once the King Pin Stabilizing Jack is installed, you can tension the Jack against the hitch by tightening our patented foldable drive screw or tension ratchet. This tension helps prevent movement associated with the heavy overhang of a fifth wheel trailer. Travel Length : 44 To 66 Inch Used For : Stabilize Front Of Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer Color : Black With Adjustable Foot Pad : Yes Features Foldable Drive Screw Helps Tension Jack To Trailer Pin Includes Three Extension Legs For Extra Height And Support Limited Lifetime Warranty

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