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ASA Electronics 24-0405 (WVOS43) Digital wireless back up monitor

$458.99 $415.69

Perfect back up camera for any Rver, weather camper, pull trailer or 5th wheel or your 45 ft motor home, it will do a great job for you.

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View more with less on this 4.3 Inch digital screen. You get wireless auto-pairing for up to four wireless CMOS cameras with the touch of a button. The compact size fits nicely on any dash, offering a wide viewing angle of the rear of the vehicle, while being small enough to easily store in a center console or glove compartment wheot in use. The included camera features a built in microphone and excellent low-light performance. Worried about signal clarity? This system transmits signals through and around objects up to 60 Foot away. The easy to install monitor is even compatible with the previous version of Voyager's Wireless Observation system so there is no camera re-install required if you're upgrading systems.
Smart Technology Compatible : WiSight Technology

Monitor : LED
Monitor Size : 4.3 Inch

Compact Size Fits Nicely On Any Dash, Offering A Wide Viewing Angle Of The Rear Of The Vehicle, While Being Small Enough To Easily Store In A Center Console Or Glove Compartment Wheot In Use

Camera Features A Built In Microphone And Excellent Low-Light Performance

Transmits Signals Through And Around Objects Up To 60 Foot Away

Compatible With The Previous Version Of Voyager's Wireless Observation System

Easy To Install

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