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Thetford 13-0122 Waste Holding Tank Treatment


Aqua-Kem Toss-In 12 Pack Morning Sky Holding Tank Deoderizer

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Waste Holding Tank Treatment; Aqua-Kem (R); Biological Treatment Used To Liquefy Waste And Break Down Tissue Fast To Prevent Clogging; Without Formaldehyde; With Deodorant; Without Lubricant; 1.5 Ounce Toss-Ins ™ Individual Dose Pouches; Bag Of 12 Treatments

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Designed specifically for RV holding tanks, these strong formulas ensure safe, powerful odor control. Available in convenient easy-to-use forms, these products give you maximum performance with minimum effort.

Bio/Chemical Type : Biodegradable
Formaldehyde : No
Deodorant : Yes
Unit Size : 1.5 Ounce
Unit Type : Packet
Unit Quantity : Bag Of 12 Treatments
Packaging Language : English


Most Powerful Odor Control
Liquefies Waste And Breaks Down Tissue Fast To Prevent Clogging
Powerful Detergents Cleans Tank Walls And Drain Lines
Works Around The Clock In All Weather Conditions
A Complete Lineup Of Convenient Forms For Maximum Ease Of Use
100 Percent Biodegradable Liquid And Environmentally Safe When Disposed Of Properly

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