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2 STAGE REGULATOR 9959 Side Vent


2 STAGE REGULATOR 9959 Side Vent

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The first stage features a large arm design that improves both the efficiency and regulation. Combines with the second state regulator the over-all performance assures a smooth and continuous flow of gas to all appliances. This model is currently made by JR Products. It is the same as the Fairview 9959 Side Vent. This model when mounted horizontally has its 9:00 vent pointing down. When mounted under protective cover is is approved for use single vertical cylinders or horizontal tanks. SPECIFICATIONS: Zinc Die Cast Fabric reinforced high pressure and second stage diaphragm. Underwriters Laboratories Listed 2nd stage relief mechanism per U.L. 144. Mounting holes 3-1/2? on center. BTU capacity (propane) 160000 BTU/HR Inlet 1/4? FPT Outlet 3/8? FPT Dimensions: 5-1/4? L x 3-1/8? W x 2-5/8? D Weight: 1.09 lbs.

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